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Kitchen Witch, Intention Dolls & Creations

Kitchen Witch dolls were quite common in Norway, Scandinavia, Germany and other parts of Europe. Often found in the home (usually in the kitchen), these poppets or dolls are made to look like a witch. These were said to ward off evil spirits, protect the home, sweep away negative vibrations, and bring good luck and prosperity. However, most of the original dolls you can find sifting through history books do not look like those I've started to create. I hoped to make Kitchen Witch dolls that could easily display anywhere in the home.
I also wanted to go a step further and give them extra healing properties. So I've added in stones and crystals and provide them with a story that would hopefully bring their personalities to life and make them truly feel not only like an extension of myself but a genuine family member to add to your home. So you could give your troubles and stress to that could in no way judge you but instead be a constant reminder that they are there to have your back no matter what. This way, no one ever had to be alone or feel like no one understood because these unique little dolls would be there. They've come to be so much more than what they started as, so I just left them with the original title of Kitchen Witch (most of them are witches, after all). But whether you keep them in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, I hope you know that they are always made with the utmost intent and love and have always been meant to bring you some form of peace!